In 2001, John Mayer was arrested for driving on a suspended license. Although his case was later dismissed, we still find this arrest surprising. He offered a charitable donation of $25,000 if his mug shot was found. It's best to get vaccinated as soon as this year's flu vaccine becomes available in your area. (Your mom or dad should be able to find out when that is from your doctor's office, or you can ask your school nurse.)Even if you can't get vaccinated right away, getting a flu vaccine after flu season begins will still give you some protection. You also can protect yourself christian louboutin outlet ukagainst the flu (and many other infections) by washing your hands well and often.Flu vaccines are available as a shot or nasal mist (a spray that's squirted up the nose).

Ag Gag bills also keep employees and others from blowing the whistle on environmental violations. Huge amounts of waste are generated by the billions of cows, pigs and chickens on factory farms. Much of that waste, full of antibiotics, growth promoters and synthetic hormones, finds its way into our waterways and municipal water supplies.

Bishop Castle, 46 years in the making, which one man dedicated his moncler outlet life to building, has been turned over to a new owner.A frequent visitor of the castle and friend of the creator is now in charge but the family who built the attraction says they were conned into signing over the deed.The creator of the castle, Jim Bishop, has been fighting a rare form of cancer for the past few months and his family now feels like they've been taken advantage of."How can one individual do this to someone they claim they admire and respect and love?" Phoebe Bishop, Jim's wife said.Brick by brick, this castle is what Jim dedicated his life to building, tucked away in mulberry outlet uk the San Isabel National Forest."I feel like the castle was stolen from us," she said.Earlier this year, a man by the name of David Merrill showed up at Bishop's door with a pile of paperwork to sign."And I'm sitting there puzzled, Jimmy is shaking, he is a wreck, he can't think, he doesn't like to listen to anything," she said.Phoebe says she was conned into signing over the deed and that she was under the impression they would be in a better tax situation.As Jim battles a rare form of cancer, his wife says the family was taken advantage of."Worst thing I think I've done in my life, cheap nike air max 90 signing those papers," she said.News5 took these claims to the new owner, David Merrill."I'm fully aware of their state of mind when they were doing this and she was asking all the right questions that somebody about to transfer property was asking," David Merrill, the new owner said.Jim Bishop on the other hand, not feeling so well."He was feeling a little bit less but we did already discuss the convergence and the heritage over quite a bit of time," Merrill said.Merrill has already changed the name from "Bishop Castle" to "Castle Church for the Redemption of the Office." He says he hopes longchamp soldes to put a weather station on top of the castle, add a security system with cameras and hire crews to finish construction on the castle, in what he says will be in a similar way that Jim built it."I don't see any problem, what I've been doing is helping them out and putting and implementing Jim's dream," he said.At this time, the Bishop family is seeking legal action against the new owner for possible elder abuse.Merrill tells News5 he does however plan to keep the castle open to the public on a donation basis. The 74 year old driver and. The 74 year old driver and. chm4.20

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