To paraphrase Chris Christie's "fantasy football" moment, the economy is in the tank, Russia is on the move, the Islamic State is on the attack and the candidates are debating the proper room temperature for a debate forum?Third, this continues the season long GOP diversion from what should be its real target the wreckage wrought by seven years of Barack Obama. The greatest irony of this campaign is that Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the ones making the case that louboutin pas cher homme the economy is stagnant, inequality growing and the middle class falling increasingly behind. That's a devastating indictment of Democratic governance, exactly the case Republicans should have been making all year.

And Rick is playing along."Hey Rick, it's Bruce Leshan at Channel 9, where the heck are you buddy?""I'm over here with a client meeting in Reston."Actually, he's at a strip club in Springfield. "I got you at the Paper Moon Gentleman's Club.""Hmm. Seems like christian louboutin sale uk I got some explaining to do."ALEXANDRIA, Va.

Supposed to have the world safest food supply but we letting in boatloads of this adulterated honey that all these other countries know is contaminated and FDA does nothing. Food safety agency saidit doing the best it can with existing resources and will do more when the newly passed Food Safety Modernization Act is up and running. Consumes about 400 million pounds of honey a year about 1.3 pounds a person.

It's louboutin outlet uk hard to have good public policy when councillors are afraid to listen to Health Canada because the activists go after them personally. Just look at how they treated Randy Cooper in Stratford. Shameful.. For those of you behind on their international politics, Vladimir Putin has once again been elected as President of Russia. And right now, there are over 20,000 protesters in Moscow yelling about election fraud. Now, whether or not you think they're right, or whether or not mulberry outlet you think Putin is a badass (he is, for the record), you have to admit he is an amazingly interesting cultural figure.

Exhibitions and projects like these don present themselves often in Chicago South Side, and Stewart said that the Stony Island Arts Bank will hopefully begin to remedy that. Are very few opportunities for someone to see and experience great contemporary art, Stewart said. Are also few opportunities to take some kind of workshop in some art form.

Solberg mulberry bags outlet Hunterdon Airport (KN51), founded by Norwegian aviation pioneer Thor Solberg, has been serving the Northern New Jersey Aviation community since 1939. The embattled, privately owned, public use airport in Readington Township, New Jersey, recently won a court battle to protect the airport from a township plan to shut it under the pretense of eminent domain. The Praskac Geczi wedding celebration makes the victory for General Aviation even sweeter.. chm5.21

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