For the past year, Curtis McCloskey of University of Ottawa has been helping to promote youth engagement in rural and remote communities, reflecting his philosophy that science should be accessible and enjoyed by all students. From mentoring youth and fellow volunteers, Curtis has become as a strong role model and ambassador to post secondary science education. He also developed a hands on "Heart Health" activity that gets participants moving while learning discount timberland boots about the heart, body and circulation.

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Visit our communities as often as you feel it's necessary. Talk to our staff, executive directors, residents and family members. Bring others to get their perspective too. But, you needn't necessarily travel to Ukraine to conduct your research, according to Consul Bohdan Yaremenko in New cheap timberland boots uk York. For a small fee, any Ukrainian consulate (go to the Consulate website for contact information, or the Government of Ukraine page for locations in your area) can help you with your application for information. You may need assistance, for example, with the names of towns which have often changed over time, transliterations and translations, and other information which they will send to the appropriate location in Ukraine for processing. chm5.3

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