Meyer was not completely satisfied with this original version of the simulation. His concern was that the game mindset might induce people to behave a bit differently perhaps to take more risk to rack up more points than they would in real life. So the latest generation of the simulation dispenses with the game approach and creates a virtual world where someone moves around his or her home to gather information on the storm or make preparations.

More cheap mulberry bags >>Slideshow: Flooding in San Antonio, Austin areaSlideshow: Flooding in San Antonio, Austin areaSome neighborhoods in San Antonio and Austin are evacuating as heavy rain funnels into Central Texas. Several tornadoes have also been reported. More >>Some neighborhoods in San Antonio and Austin are evacuating as heavy rain funnels into Central Texas.

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The late, great Molly Ivins used to tell a story about what happens when fear grips a country. Molly liked to tell the story sac longchamp solde about her late friend, the celebrated Texas civil libertarian John Henry Faulk, who, as a boy of six, went with his seven year old friend, Boots Cooper, to rid the family henhouse of a harmless chicken snake. From its high perch, the boys found themselves eyeball to eyeball with the snake..

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