New research shows that infections can impair your cognitive ability measured on an IQ scale.research shows a correlation between hospitalization due to infection and impaired cognition corresponding to an IQ score of 1.76 lower than the average," said Dr. Michael Eriksen Benrs, who is affiliated with the National Centre for Register Based Research at Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences and the Mental prada bags outlet Health Centre Copenhagen at the University of Copenhagen."People with five or more hospital contacts with infections had an IQ score of 9.44 lower than the average," he continued.The study also found that an infection's effect on cognitive ability "increased with the temporal proximity of the last infection and with the severity of the infection," he said."Infections in the brain affected the cognitive ability the most, but many cheap timberlands other types of infections severe enough to require hospitalization can also impair a patient cognitive ability," he said."Moreover, it seems that the immune system itself can affect the brain to such an extent that the person cognitive ability measured by an IQ test will also be impaired many years after the infection has been cured."The nationwide study tracked 190,000 Danes born between 1974 and 1994, who had their IQ assessed nike air max 90 pas cher between 2006 and 2012. According to the researcher, 35 percent of these individuals had a hospital contact with infections before the IQ testing was conducted.can affect the brain directly, but also through peripheral inflammation, which affects the brain and our mental capacity," explained Benrs."Infections have previously been associated with both depression and schizophrenia, and it has also been proven to affect the cheap michael kors cognitive ability of patients suffering from dementia.

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