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Said while World War II was not a pleasurable experience, he was glad he went and did his part. In this role he worked with residents on agricultural needs, such as helping with chickens or talking to people about crops. Before that, he didn mention his service much. Air Force, most recently worked in law enforcement with the Department of looking at trying to do something a little different, he told the Planning Board.Elias stressed that his property will not become a junkyard, adding it is his goal to remove items 24 hours after collecting christian louboutin outlet them.Customers seeking to have junk removed from their homes are able to schedule appointments and phone calls online, and Elias will then pick up the unwanted items for a fee.He intends on donating many of the items to charitable organizations, Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and more.we will remove anything, he said, with the exception of hazardous waste.Elias said there will be a Humvee and a trailer with the JDog logo parked on his property along Bean Road. If the items collected cannot be removed quickly, they will be stored inside of the trailer louboutin outlet uk or inside of his garage, he explained.are thinking about the impact on your neighbors, said Robert Best, chairman of the Planning Board.Elias said he has talked to some neighbors about the new the external evidence issue. As long as it is concealed or contained properly, it should not be an issue, Tim Thompson, community development director, said of the junk.Although the board approved the home occupation application, it did prohibit a Dumpster from being housed on the residential site and also prohibited any collected items from being stored outside. chm5.20

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