Paid to do his job and his job is to be in that duty courtroom, as every other municipal judge is, and legally uphold the oath of his office, which is to marry those people that have a right to be married in this town and have a valid license. He needs to do that. Maybe this was a one time thing, there a lot going on around this, but Judge McConnell, this county respects you, the city respects you.

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) Albuquerque Public Schools students had a snow day last Friday, now the district is asking parents how they michael kors purses outlet think it should be made up. They have proposals for elementary and mid school students who had parent/teacher conferences. Option one is teachers could reschedule the conferences or students could go to school on May 26th.

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Where is that guy that was talking about the sky is falling (sarcasm), the season hasn even started blah blah. I felt that way last year, but at least I was backed up by the Avs winning the central division the year before. Everyone (coaches, management, press, fans) talked about the need to fast in this super tough division and conference.

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