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FILE In this Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 file photo, a French gendarme and French custom officer check vehicles, in La Turbie, southeastern France, near the Franco Italian border, in spite of the EU's passport free zone Schengen, as security measures are taken ahead of the G20 Summit of Cannes. Climate conference in Paris, the interior minister said Friday, Nov.

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"What the President has failed to address is a proper response to increased Russian Iran cooperation in Syria, including Russia's willingness to help Iran smuggle weapons to Iran's proxies in cheap mulberry bags the civil war."Obama's decision receivedsupport fromtwo key Democrats on defense, the ranking members of the Senate and House Armed Services committees: Sen. Jack Reed, of Rhode Island, and Rep. Adam Smith, of Washington state.

Live from New York, Donald Trump will soon be hosting 'SNL'On trail of reporters, film puts 'Spotlight' on journalism'Warcraft' cast unleash film trailer at BlizzConReligion briefsChurches United gets new lookBusy nights call for fast food, but no drive thru neededMan convicted of murder in deadly South by Southwest sac longchamp crashEvent blends live dancing, dancing artSearch JobsPost a JobJobs at the TimesCarriersCareer FairSean Peck, 5, son of Kristi and Bradly Peck of Tipton, Iowa, will serve as Kid Captain for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team when they host Maryland for Family Day Saturday, Oct. 31.When Sean was 9 days old, his parents learned that newborn screening tests showed their baby had cystic fibrosis. Just a day later, an unrelated issue caused him to stop breathing, and he was taken to University of Iowa Children's Hospital. chm4.23

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